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Erik Buth Biography

For the past 20 years, Erik has worked in advertising, film and television, in various roles: director, creative director, art director, designer, animator and editor. This includes directing live action shoots, 3d animation and 2d motion graphics for commercials, promos, network ID’s and designing and editing TV spots, title sequences and theatrical film trailers.

Erik Buth

MX vs ATV Alive – THQ

Directed by Erik Buth and Produced at Blind, this trailer for the latest instalment in the long running MX vs. ATV series sees riders fighting through a sprawling stylized motocross world. New innovations implemented into the game like the ability to crash into other players without falling down yourself are highlighted throughout the trailer.

The trailer premiered in front of a sold out crowd of 45,000 fans at  the Supercross season: The Anaheim 1 series opener.

Erik Buth

Russel – Willpower

Shot over two days at the Gower stages in Hollywood, the intensity of athlete’s thoughts and feeling are illustrated through a variety of stylised oscillating and flickering particle and sound waves.To keep focus on the athletes the spots were set on darkened playing fields where only a glimpse of floor is visible. Produced at Blind.

Erik Buth

Sweet n Low

Partnering with agency Ammirati 11 mini-worlds made entirely out of paper were brought to life by an expert model maker and assembled by a team of close to 15 people. Meticulously cut, torn, and glued the final sets and props were carefully shot and animated using a combination of techniques including texture mapped 3d models and live-action stop motion. Produced at Blind.

Erik Buth

Sealy – Optimum

The challenge on this charming ad for Sealy and Arcana Academy, was to visually represent hot and cold in an informative, yet elegant and graceful way. Shot On Green screen, the red, blue and purple ribbons were created using Trapcode Form and Particular plug-ins for Adobe After Effects.  Produced at Blind.

Erik Buth

Moe’s – Sky Diver

Erick Buth, Moe’s and agency Focus Brands created this campaign all culture all about fun. The campaign shot on location in Atlanta, features a unique Moe’s customer with fun playful animations that give a peek into what makes their lives interesting.

By connecting the uniqueness of the Moe’s customers to the originality of each customized menu item, these spots both inform new customers about the brand experience and highlight the fun and energetic place that is Moe’s Southwest Grill. Produced at Blind.

Erik Buth

Verizon – Pilars

Seamless integration of live action and photo real VFX was required to create a world in which the characters interact with each other in a believable way while the environment around them constantly evolves. Produced at Blind.